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Unit Converter is intended for converting different measurement units
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Despite all countries currently use the International System of Units, also called Decimal Metric System, many nations have not completely implemented its use in everyday activities. There are even some countries where this new system coexists with old ones. As a result, converting measurements between two different systems may be a frequent and difficult operation, as many people ignore their equivalences. And even if they do, sometimes converting units is not as easy as to multiply by a given quotient. Converting from degrees Farenheit to degrees Celsius, for instance, implies a rather complex operation.

Unit Converter is a software application with a very specific task: converting units. The program is very easy to use. The developers have been very rationalistic and provided us with an unsophisticated interface, whose operation is as simple as its design.

Just select the type of unit: length, weight, volume, area or temperature. Then, you can choose the source unit and the target unit. After that, enter the base value and press the Convert button to get the results.

This software is portable, which means that it requires no installation and can be directly run from an external storage device. In addition, it is very light, which means it can be quickly downloaded from the Internet and will occupy little disk space.

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